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Summer Stories (ST) is a Monsters and Other Childish Things campaign I’m planning to run on the Myth-Weavers site as a PbP game.

Monsters is one of the ORE derivations, and one of my favorite RPGs ever. The main premise is that monsters are real. And one of them is your bestest friend in the world. And the world is almost as crazy as those last two sentences. I will also be using the Bigger Bads supplement.

I will be allowing the players to choose Weird Powers instead of a monster as well although Neither of these options will be available at the beginning though…I plan the first couple of sessions to be centered solely on the children.

Hocico Bay Town is very loosely based on a real Californian town for the purposes of geography, but besides that it’s all me and my movie-nurtured imagination. I’m Spanish, I’ve lived in Venezuela, Spain and Scotland, no, never in the USA (although those who hear me talk think otherwise sometimes). I chose to set the game in the States because it allowed me to stick to the archetypes and clich├ęs of movies and TV, and since neither me nor my players have lived extensively in the States I should be able to avoid the reality conflicts that might arise if I ran ST in a British setting (although a boarding school game sounds awesome). Of course, now it seems like a few of the players might be from the USA, I just ask you to be forgiving, heh.

Because I originally prepared ST for my group of friends and is now moving to a different medium I need to rewrite some stuff and wait for the character input to get things rolling. As things stand I’m hoping to have this starting (at the latest) by the end of June.

OOC Intro

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